margherita morgan (9 january 2017)




The first GRRRRL SQUAD meeting of 2017!

Most of us were encumbered with busy new routines in our schedules or some form of recent plague that’s been going around the city. I think we’re okay with the lower attendance numbers as we’re still finding our engines, considering the time of year. Honestly more than okay, grateful above anything that there have been so many of you willing to put aside some time in your busy bustlin busy-bustin-heads-while-hustlin lives for a few hours of Girl Friendship and talking about your dreams, how to Make Your Dreams Happen, and also How to Drunk.


Lots of Drunk. (Thanks for the margharitas, Cristal!)

Fear was a big part of our conversation this week.  The fear of exposing your art work to others and being criticized for it.  Aziza (jewelry designer, singer, painter, all-around jack of trades) brought up a good point about our fears stemming back from childhood: those first moments of being singled out by classmates for stumbling when it was your turn to read aloud; or our parents not hanging up our artwork.  We talked about the need to build confidence in your art, by practicing and knowing its value.  Karen (whose band Mild Things is playing this weekend at Gold Sounds this Saturday in Bushwick GO SUPPORT HER) mentioned that while she gets the opportunity to make music on a regular basis, she is making it with a group of men who, while very nice, do not prioritize her ideas and dismiss them as too different from their goals. 


         We may or may not have the opportunities, the freedom, the confidence, etc, to consider ourselves fully-fledged artists like so many others in this city. This group is working together to create solutions for those moments where we do not feel very strong as artists. I love seeing the support and praise our members all seem to have for each other’s thoughts and wishes. (And for the record, our full organization name is actually LADY ARTIST SUPPORT GROUP WITCH COVEN CAST SPELLS ON DICKS) 


Listening to the president’s farewell speech as I write this. It really does feel like an end of an era. But it’s like Lenah said– who actually cares about ‘new year, new you’? Why base your own self-empowerment and ability to improve yourself on some arbitrary Gregorian calendar date? It’s just, I don’t want us to break down and give way to the listlessness that has become synonymous with our generation. I still want to try, I still want to improve. And I definitely don’t want to give up.


Thanks for reading, coming, participating, and caring! It’s been a rough start to 2017, but we’re growing, and we’re getting better. They won’t know what hit em.



upcoming events to support your fellow members:

  1. a very mild witch is playing in her band mild things this saturday night. link to facebook event
  2. gemma is participating in screenprinting for the inaugurating resistance propaganda party in bushwick. 12-5 saturday and sunday! link

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