first coven : 5 dec 2016

i’m searching for names for this collective still. i’m open to any suggestions– i thought about doing a clever acronym and just doing ‘women oven coven’ . WOC, get it? but that’s misleading because we definitely have white girls in our numbers. (LOVE YOU WHITE GIRLS NO SHADE (literally)) (aha ha ha) (i kill myself)

this was a great meeting. a roaring success, as lenah would (probably?) say. the booze helped for sure, but it was great sending out that flare calling for likeminded, creative women who feel frustrated and in a deadlock with their future and our collective one as a country, and pass 3 or so hours on a monday night in the dead of winter with ease and comfort and great conversation, and with smart, interesting women.

this site is meant to compile data for future meetings ahead and hopefully become an interactive way to network and share each others’ work and information, and also for cross-promotion. we’d love any volunteers for such self-promotion, so approach me or lenah or email the account so we can start makin this site look cute and less empty! right now it’s just filled with weird beat poetry by me. and i’m not sorry.


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