LADY ARTIST SPOTLIGHT | alison (tvsick)

In honor of our first meeting as a lady-feminist-artist collective-witches-from-The-Craft-… whatever, gathering, we ended the night with a rousing game of Pin The Eyebrow on Frida Kahlo.


Magnificent. And made by this equally stunning though doubly-browed creature:


Alison is talented, point blank. She works in the day as a customer/e-commerce service representative, but has worked previously for several years as a barista while struggling to find the time to express her art and creativity in a meaningful way that might make some impact, or even some coin. It’s all anyone young and unestablished in this city could ask for, right?
“It’s hard, making the time and space for yourself to be creative. It’s real work, in between trying to do the kind of work that’ll pay rent and bills and also not neglecting your personal relationships.”



Doing something you love, creating for the sake of creation, while never being sure it’ll ever turn into a full-time venture or even part-time gig, is a real risk. And investment. Making a name for yourself is the first step. But Alison Tusick is out there surely doing it, singing songs, making and selling designs that are bright and sassy just like her, and loving Stevie Nicks and home-assembled cheese plates.

screen-shot-2017-01-12-at-11-27-13-pmalison tusick

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